Notre Dame Stadium gets new turf

NOTRE DAME, Ind. --- The Fighting Irish ushered in a new era Saturday at Notre Dame Stadium with new field turf.

A dedication ceremony was held Saturday morning with former Irish football player Jim Morse and his wife, who had provided the field turf to the university as a gift.

Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick says this gift is not only special for the football team, but it will also benefit the university as a whole.

"It means a lot to the university to have this new surface here. It allows us to do more because it allows us to have commencement now in the stadium, so it makes it a facility that can be used more by other students at the university," said Swarbrick.

Jim Morse, the provider of the turf, also said he is very happy with the stadium's new look.

"Well we started talking about it five years ago when we were down here on a real muddy afternoon, but like everything else it takes a little longer than you might like but it's finally done and I think it's a beautiful field," said Morse.

University President Reverend John Jenkins was there for the dedication and blessed the field as part of the ceremony.

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