Notre Dame taking on 12th ranked Syracuse Saturday at Yankee Stadium

NOW: Notre Dame taking on 12th ranked Syracuse Saturday at Yankee Stadium

The Notre Dame football team faces another difficult matchup as they take on 12th ranked Syracuse at Yankee Stadium on Saturday.

Notre Dame is 10-and-0 and with that record comes a bullseye, but Head Coach Brian Kelly has instilled in his players the phrase 'pressure is a privilege.'

"Winning here at Notre Dame should not be one where you feel pressure. It's why you come here, it's part of our tradition. It's part of the privilege here at Notre Dame," Coach Kelly said.

The game is considered a home game for the Irish even though they are playing at Yankee Stadium.

It's a unique venue and a huge stage in the largest television market in America.

"Obviously, Notre Dame is Notre Dame. As a coach, you understand what that means. And all the history behind that university, similar to the history behind Syracuse. It's a football game in a really cool place and it will be cool until we get hit for the very first time. Or until we make the first call on defense or offense and then you realize those guys, they're big, they're strong, they're well coached and they have their own TV network," said Dino Babers, Head Coach of Syracuse.

This is the highest ranked Syracuse football team in 20 years and by far the best record of the Dino Babers coaching tenure.

The Orangemen will try to pull off the upset at 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

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