Notre Dame team includes two sets of brothers

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Two brothers, Zack and Nick Martin, are both on the Notre Dame football team. Do they see it as a blessing or a curse?

They say playing together is definitely a blessing and it is an opportunity for them to share something special. They say playing for Notre Dame has brought them closer.

The Martin brothers came to Notre Dame from Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis.
Both play on the Irish offensive line - Zack as a tackle and Nick at center.

This year is the first that the two were able to take the field side by side, making their game day experience that much more special.

“It’s great to have the opportunity to go in each week and work every day with him and last week was the first week we were able to play together. So just that experience to run out on the field and be a part of that was awesome," said Zack.

Keeping it all in the family is something not everyone gets to do.

“It’s really fun. It’s a different experience not everyone gets to have. It’s just football so you get lost in the game obviously, but sometimes we sit back and think about it, it’s pretty cool," said Nick.

The atmosphere of the Notre Dame family was one of the major draws for Nick who came to play for the Irish two years after his older brother Zack.

“It’s awesome that we have that ability and Notre Dame, this atmosphere, it’s a family atmosphere, and it’s just really a cool thing," said Nick.

Like most brothers, the two say they’re competitive both on and off the field.

“Oh absolutely, me and Nick are always going after something. That’s just the nature of our team and me and him, we’re very competitive," said Zack.

“Pretty much in everything we do, we’re both pretty competitive," said Nick.

What’s Thanksgiving like at the Martin house with that sibling rivalry?

“We weren’t really much of a flag football at Thanksgiving team. We were kind of more sit at the table and eat as much as possible," said Zack.

Zack says having two sets of brothers on the team doesn’t just bring the brothers closer. The entire team has a stronger bond because of it.

“We’re a big family already and then to have actual brothers on the team brings us closer so anytime you get that it’s great," said Zack.

The other set of brothers on the Irish football team are juniors and twins. Unlike the Martins they play on different sides of the ball.

George Atkinson III is a running back for the Irish offense and on defense Josh Atkinson plays at the cornerback position.

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