Notre Dame to play Navy in Dublin in 2023

NOW: Notre Dame to play Navy in Dublin in 2023

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame football is heading back to Ireland-- the university making the announcement that they will play against Navy for the first game of the 2023 season in Dublin. 

“Ireland is so excited to host the energy, the passion and the sportsmanship of Notre Dame and Navy in Dublin in 2023," said Kevin Byrne, Ireland's Consul General, at the press conference. 

The Irish are heading on up after their previous game had to be cancelled because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. In the aftermath, Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick looked at the possibility of scheduling another game as soon as possible. 

Swarbrick said “We were looking forward to it. We had told prospective student athletes we were doing it, so trying to figure out how we could get it done was very important.”

The team will be heading to Dublin's Aviva Stadium-- in part of a five game series-- to play against the rivaling Navy. While this isn't the first time Notre Dame has graced the Emerald Isle, this will be the first time they will play as the home team. 

“We like to think if you’re a Notre Dame fan and you’re coming to Ireland, you’re coming home," said Byrne. "And if you’re Notre Dame and you’re playing in Ireland, you’re playing on home turf.”

But if an Irish Fan is looking to book a trip right now, they might have to wait before their plans can be finalized. 

“The air cannot be booked at this time, it’s too early,” said Michele Boyd, with Signal Travel and Tours, Inc. Flights cannot be booked earlier than a year in advance, though for those planning on going-- waiting might work to their benefit, as travel agents can create travel packages that will give them the best deal. 

Signal Travel and Tours had created packages for several groups that had planned to go to the Ireland game in 2020. Despite the cancellation, Notre Dame has some good news for those fans. 

“Those people who purchased tickets for the game that unfortunately had to be cancelled because of the pandemic, will have an opportunity and an assurance that they can purchase tickets again," said Swarbrick. "And as the home team, we have the advantage of having additional tickets this time.”

Ticketholders from last year might still get the opportunity to have their dream vacation realized. 

“I do expect to have inquiries before the day is out,” said Boyd. 

Information on how to purchase tickets can be found at

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