Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech

In week 3 of College Football No. 8 Notre Dame will host No. 14 Georgia Tech.

In week 2, Notre Dame came through just in time with a win in the fourth quarter against Virginia, unfortunately losing their starting quarterback to an ankle injury during that game.

This week, new Starting Quarterback Deshone Kizer is looking forward to his first start after practicing for the position.

Notre Dame will start with the ball in this game.

Kizer passes to  Fuller and the 46 yard pass is good! Notre Dame will get the first touchdown of the game with 8:20 left in the first quarter, 7-0 Notre Dame.

Georgia Tech would get the first down just before the end of the first quarter after taking their second timeout of the game.

Georgia Tech’s field goal attempt from 30 yards is no good, Notre Dame holds.

End of the first quarter score: 7-0 Notre Dame.

Midway through the second quarter Georgia Tech would intercept the pass from Kizer to Fuller and take over at the 20 yard line.

Georgia Tech's Patrick Skov would then score their first touchdown of the game to tie it with 5:26 left if the first half.

But with just 1:40 left before halftime, Notre Dame’s C.J. Prosise would take it in for the touchdown from 16 yards out.

Yoon would miss the extra point leaving Notre Dame with the 6 point gain. Notre Dame 13, Georgia Tech 7.

Notre Dame fumbles! They would turnover and Georgia Tech would take over all under a minute before the end of the first half.

Just moments after, Notre Dame is flagged for pass interference.

Irish lead with a halftime score of 13, Georgia Tech trailing with 7 points.

Coming back from the half, a fumble by Georgia Tech and ND's Jaylon Smith gets a hold of the ball and is able to make it to the Georgia Tech 18 yard line.

Notre Dame leads 16-7 after the half with a good field goal attempt from 29 yards.

The score remains the same at the end of the 3rd quarter.

C.J. Prosise will take it in again for the touchdown giving Notre Dame a hefty 23 total points in the game, Georgia Tech still trailing with 7 with 13:54 left in the game.

A second penalty is called on Notre Dame's Ronnie Stanley in the fourth quarter but that doesn't stop the Irish. Notre Dame's C.J. Prosise scores a third touchdown for Notre Dame! A 91 yard touchdown will put the Irish ahead 30-7 with 6:58 left in the game.

Georgia Tech would score a touchdown with just 22 seconds remaining in the game. The score jumps to 22 for GT and 30 for ND.

Final Score: Notre Dame 30, Georgia Tech 22

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