Notre Dame vs. Syracuse: December 5, 2020

NOTRE DAME – The tenth game of the 2020 season for Notre Dame's football team will be against the Syracuse Orange and is the last home game played on Irish turf.

The Irish are ranked 2nd in the Atlantic Conference with a 9-0 winning streak.

The Orange are unranked in the Atlantic Conference with a record of 1-9.

This game also marks the last game that the legendary Mike Collins will act as the public address announcer.

Scoring Updates:

Notre Dame starts the first quarter with good offense, pushing deep into Orange territory. Ian Book showing everyone what he can do with pass after pass, the Irish eventually settle for a 25-yard field goal from Jonathan Doerer. Irish lead 3-0.

Syracuse puts up a good defense though, denying any further gains from the Irish during the first quarter.

The Orange pick up the pace in the second quarter with the first touchdown of the game as Anthony Queeley gets an 18-yard pass from Rex Culpepper. Orange lead 7-3.

But it seems that only urged the Irish to fight harder scoring their own TD with 3 minutes left on the clock. Book switches things up and runs it home for 28 yards with a good follow-up kick from Doerer. Irish lead 10-7.

And again with only a minute and a half to go, Book launches a 21-yard pass to Javon McKinley. Doerer makes the PAT, putting the Irish up 17-7.

Twelve seconds left on the clock before half time, both teams call a timeout. It only takes the Irish six seconds to bring the rock home again. Book passes from 28 yards to McKinley and Doerer secures the PAT. Irish push their lead out to 24-7.

The ball changes hands several times in the third quarter until Syracuse finally grabs another TD, Sean Tucker rushing for a huge 40 yards. Andre Szmyt kicks a good PAT. Irish lead 24-14.

As the minutes count down in the third, Notre Dame switches things up again. Kyren Williams rushes the field left and right, giving Book an opportunity to rush for 17 yards into the end zone. Doerer's kick is good, putting the Irish up 31-14.

Notre Dame continues the trend with only a minute left, eventually giving Book another chance to toss a 26-yard pass to McKinley. Doerer secures the PAT and the Irish dominate at 38-14.

The fourth quarter would bring the two teams to the top of their game, pushing as hard as they can to score.

First up would be Notre Dame's Chris Tyree rushing for a massive 94 yards. Doerer makes good on the kick as well, widening the Irish lead to 45-14.

But the Orange would respond in kind as Cooper Lutz rushes for a huge 80 yards. Szmyt secures the PAT kick and tries to shore up Notre Dame's lead of 45-21.

And with that the Irish win their tenth game in a row, increasing their winning streak to 10-0.

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