Notre Dame wants to end season with a few more wins

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- Notre Dame doesn't have a game this weekend so they're focusing mentally and physically for their next game against BYU.

Although the Irish are no longer eligible for a BCS Bowl, they're looking to win the rest of their season, not just for the improved record, but for the team's seniors.

The Fighting Irish's loss to Pitt on the road last weekend means one thing for Head Coach Brian Kelly. He's going to take the rest of the season one week at a time.


"Whether it's a BCS Bowl game or not a BCS Bowl game, it's still about week to week at Notre Dame," said Coach Kelly.


Notre Dame doesn't have a game this weekend, so they are using this week and this week and next as a chance to reset and focus on beating BYU and Stanford.

"Our primary focus and the focus of our team is winning our last home game and in particular, sending out our seniors with a win. They've got four quarters left at Notre Dame Stadium," said Kelly.


There's more than just a 9 and 3 record on the line. It's about the legacy the seniors will leave behind.


"They're going to be a huge part of the history of Notre Dame, of getting us to 4 bowl games, a National Championship and we are going to do everything in our power to make sure our seniors go out winners of their last game at Notre Dame Stadium," said Kelly.


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