Notre Dame women’s basketball team welcomed back to South Bend on Monday

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The Notre Dame women’s basketball team was welcomed back to South Bend on Monday after their loss to Baylor.

The Irish lost by just one point in the NCAA Championship game on Sunday night with a final score of 82 to 81.

Fans expressed how proud they were of the women to make it so far in the competition.

“You could say one basket here, one basket there, one free throw here or there but they have certainly nothing to be disappointed with. It was a wonderful season, ya know? And I’m certainly not disappointed in them,” Lisa Stone from Lafayette said.

The Irish did not win a consecutive trophy, but fans welcomed them at Purcell Pavilion with cheers and applause.

Those who greeted the Irish said they are extremely proud of head coach Muffet McGraw.

“They showed up for us all year long and more than that, these girls practiced, they've made it through adversity and come out on the other side. Muffet's a great coach, just here to support everybody," Paula Pearson from South Bend said.

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