Notre Dame's offensive lineup off to a good start

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- Notre Dame's football team is on its second day of training camp at Culver Academies in Culver, Indiana. Players say they are looking forward and are not relying on past success.

It's beginning to look as if the stars could align this season for Head Coach Brian Kelly's offense. They say they aren't riding on last year's success.

"Still got to come out there and work and make sure I don't come out there and just start blowing plays, got to put in the work now and make sure the offense is successful," said Ben Koyack, tight end.


They are striving to set the bar higher.


"The sky is the limit for us offensive line wise and we've got a ton of weapons at the skill positions," said Christian Lombard, offensive lineman.


They say they aren't looking back.


"I'm looking forward personally to what we're going to be able to do on the backfield now and very excited about this year," said Cam McDaniel, running back.


The Irish backfield is stacked with talented runners looking to advance and utilize the threat of a strong ground game.


"All of our quarterbacks make us better players and give us the opportunity to do some really cool things," said McDaniel.


They also hope to move the ball through the air - looking to receivers like Davaris Daniels and Chris Brown-alongside sophomore Corey Robinson.

"It's just communication right now, and that's on me, so I've got to be better with communicating with the o-line, we've got to be better with communicating with the wide receivers things like that," said Everett Golson, quarterback.


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