November in South Bend set to finish like it started: warm

NOW: November in South Bend set to finish like it started: warm

South Bend finally picked up some measurable snow Tuesday morning, with 1.3" inches falling in the morning before melting this afternoon. 

This system, which dropped 2-4" of slushy snow in parts of Wisconsin, could have been a bigger deal for Michiana, if not for the historically warm November we've been experiencing. 

Ground temperatures have been steady in the middle 40s across Michiana for the last week, making it hard for snow to stick around very long. 

Additionally, air temperatures have been very mild for the entire month.

The only time snow has been able to fall is because of "dynamic cooling." Basically, if precipitation is strong enough, as it evaporates, it cools the air around it. That can sometimes make the few degree difference to get from rain to snow or sleet. 

At this point, we're on pace for a top-ten warmest November on record in South Bend, as average temperatures are running more than five degrees above normal for the month. 

Our ranking could increase into the end of November as well. Through Thanksgiving weekend, highs will hover around 50 degrees (nearly 10 degrees above normal). 

It does appear, at this point, that we could get our first real shot of cold air to start December. While it doesn't look to last more than a few days, it might be just long enough to bring us our first real snow of the season next Monday and Tuesday. 

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