November Outlook & October Overview

Now that Halloween is upon us, it is time to look back at the month of October and see what November will bring to our area.  The month of October will mainly be remembered for its lack of rainfall.  More than half the month, seventeen days to be exact, didn't even see a drop of rain.  Now, we are tracking rain for Halloween, but it does not appear to be enough to close the gap between our monthly rainfall and the normal for the month.  As of the 30th, 1.01” was recorded for October 2015, which is a little over two inches below normal (Fig. 1).

As for October temperatures, we remained slightly above average.  The majority of the month saw highs in the mid to upper 60s, with six days even reaching into the 70s (Fig. 2).  To put this into perspective, high temperatures typically range into the upper 60s October 1st and dip into the mid 50s by Halloween.

Now looking ahead to the month of November, temperatures look to be on the rise with the return of 60s & even 70° warmth possible in the first week.  For the monthly outlook, temperatures overall will be above average while rainfall will be near normal (Fig.3). 

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