Nurse sues hospital over race dispute

FLINT, Mich. -- A Michigan nurse is suing her employer. She claims a patient's father didn't want African-Americans taking care of his child and the hospital agreed.

The nurse worked at Hurley Medical Center for 25 years.

According to court documents, she was caring for a baby in the ICU, when one day, she came to work and  found a note on his crib that said: "No African-American nurses to take care of baby."

"On the outside of the chart, and visible for anybody to see," said Julie Gafkay, the nurse's attorney. "It was shocking to her. She was very upset, she was very offended, and she was in disbelief."

The lawsuit states the hospital notified the dad his request would no longer be granted; however, the practice continued.

It also said the man had a swastika tattoo. The hospital refused to comment.

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