"Occupy" protesting continues downtown, new rally set for Niles

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Protesters are currently in front of the Wells Fargo building on Jefferson Boulevard.

They're a part of the "Occupy South Bend" movement, fighting against social injustice and corporate greed. It's now day 3 of the protest. Supporters of this movement have been dropping off food and water for other supporters, and there is a live feed stream available for coverage.

“Unions Rallying for Good Jobs” is also joining in solidarity with “Occupy South Bend.” A rally is set from 11 this morning until 1 in the afternoon in front of the Bank of America Leighton Center Plaza in South Bend.

A new rally has been planned in Niles as well. It is set for Wednesday night at 6 in front of the Niles City Hall.



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