Off-duty South Bend Police officer finds missing woman

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A young woman with special needs who was reported missing was found by an off duty South Bend Police officer.

Miya Webb, 20, left her group home Saturday morning around 10 a.m.

She was found several hours later by an off duty officer who was heading to the grocery store with his wife.

Officer Ron Kaszaz saw Webb and recognized her from posts circulating on Facebook.

Miya's mother says he is a hero.

"He said that he pulled up and asked her if she was Miya Webb and she said, "Yes." And she told him that she was lost and she was going to keep walking. He showed her his badge; you know she didn’t know he was a police officer he wasn’t in uniform, and he called for help and we got her. Thank god! He is our angel," Amy Webb said.

The South Bend Police Department is praising Officer Kaszaz for not only taking the time to be vigilant but also taking care of others.

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