Residents praising police for refraining from using deadly force to take down armed man

NOW: Residents praising police for refraining from using deadly force to take down armed man

SOUTH BEND, Ind., --- Police spoke out about de-escalation tactics after two officers were injured early Thursday morning trying to subdue an armed individual. The officers refrained from using deadly force to take down the man, which some residents are now praising.

“I think that’s better than using weapons and shooting someone,” said South Bend resident Kelly Rose. “I agree with the officers they did a good job, yeah definitely you don’t want anyone hurt or killed.”

South Bend officers responded to a call for an unwanted man just after 4:20 am Thursday morning at a gas station near 500 South Michigan Street.

Police said shortly after they arrived things escalated, the man started punching them, and pulled a screw driver out on the officers, which prompted them to take further action.

“As they attempted to de-escalate the situation, he continued to escalate to the point where they tried to use a taser on him which was ineffective,” said Captain Jason Biggs with South Bend Police Department’s Detective Bureau

Captain Jason Biggs said even with the ineffective taser he’s still glad the officers didn’t have to resort to deadly force.

But Captain bags also emphasized every situation is different which is why police are heavily trained in de-escalation tactics.

“The situation ultimately could have been a deadly force situation but like I said before each officer will and has reacted in their own ways,” added Biggs. “They’re trained to de-escalate and they’re trained to use other resorts to try and calm the situation down or control the situation before we have to get to deadly force.

The man involved in the incident was not injured, however both officers did suffer injuries.

One officer had minor injuries to his hand and other suffered a broken bone in his face and lacerations, but they’re both expected to make full recoveries.

Thursday’s incident happened just hours after two other violent incidents in the city which are now under investigation.

Three juveniles also walked into Memorial Hospital the same night around 1:30 am and around the same time another officer who was trying to break up a fight in the parking garage of the hospital was dragged by a vehicle that tried to flee.

If you know anything about the incidents South Bend Police are encouraging you to reach out to them at 574-235-9263.

You can also submit anonymous tips to Michiana Crime Stoppers at 574-288-STOP.

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