Officials investigating fire at Keystone RVs in Goshen

GOSHEN, Ind. --- Officials are investigating after a fire broke out at Keystone RVs in Goshen on Sunday just before 2 p.m.

Fire officials said they believe the fire started in one of the RVs and began spreading to others nearby, causing a total of 17 RVs to be completely burned.

“We ended up with 17 of the toy haulers got burned with 3 others heavily damaged, so damage is pretty extensive; did not penetrate into the building, so that’s good," says Chief Battalion of Goshen Fire Department Rick Kauffman.

When responders got to the scene, they tried to control the fire from spreading to the building and there was no building damage, officials said.

“We got here following a heavy fire, about 7 of them were completely engulfed in flames," says Kauffman. "So when we got here, we were worried about the flames impinging on the building so we focused on stopping them from spreading that way.”

Maintenance workers at the Keystone RV Company came out to the scene when it was safe to move the less damaged RVs over to the side to prevent further damage.

Nobody was injured in the fire, but some concerned bystanders watched from afar as the fire was put out.

Kauffman says they were able to successfully prevent further damage with their quick action.

“It's an ongoing investigation, we just really don’t know at this point," Kauffman says.

The investigation is ongoing.

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