Multiple agencies respond to commercial fire in Granger

NOW: Multiple agencies respond to commercial fire in Granger


GRANGER, Ind.—Firefighters responded to a fire in Granger on Tuesday afternoon.

According to officials, the commercial fire was called in around 12:30 p.m. in the 1300 block of Anderson Road at Map of Easton, a company that makes molded acoustical products.

Firefighters said it started as an outdoor fire, but the flames quickly spread to the roof and to a small portion inside the building.

120 employees were evacuated from the building, according to the Plant Manager.

Firefighters will conduct an investigation into the cause of the fire and ensure that the area is safe and free from harmful particles.

Workers waited along the perimeter of the building after they were evacuated and said they worried that is unknown when they will resume work.

“Especially around the holidays, it’s definitely nerve-wracking,” said Meranda Sandefur, Worker at Map of Easton.

The only damage identified at this time is to the area where products are prepared to be shipped out, according to officials. Smoke did fill the production area, but there is no known damage at this time.

While firefighters investigated at the scene, workers waited to gather belongings left inside.

“So far we’re just waiting for the firemen to clear the building to make sure that it’s safe,” said Sandefur. “I’m not 100% sure that we’ll be able to go get our stuff, but hopefully once they clear the building they’ll allow us to get our stuff.”

Map of Easton had a preplanned route in case of an emergency, along with designated posts surrounding the front of the parking lot.

During an emergency, workers planned to respond to their own designated post, making it easier to account for all workers.

Fire officials said these plans make it much easier for firefighters to make the best use of resources.

“That’s a big deal,” said Dave Cherrone, Fire Marshal with Clay Fire. “Especially in a building this size to know that everyone is out and accounted for that we don’t put in resources that we don’t need to look through a building that’s completely empty. It’s something that we would wish that all businesses would do was clearly identify where folks need to evacuate to and practice that.” 

Officials plan to review external security cameras for more information on how the fire started.

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