Old Bag Factory welcomes array of new businesses

NOW: Old Bag Factory welcomes array of new businesses


GOSHEN, Ind. -- Goshen’s Old Bag Factory is over 100 years old. For the last 30-some years, it’s served as a home for more than 20 businesses.

Recently, the Commerce Center’s management has been working to draw more locals in with art, food, and entertainment like an escape room and virtual reality.

Oh, there’s cheesecake too.

Chelsea Ramer discovered her passion at a young age.

“I love milk. I love dairy. I love cows,” said Ramer, owner of JC Cheesecake.

It was at her mom’s pampered chef party when she was just a teenager that she stumbled on her talent for making cheesecakes.

“Everyone that tried it liked it, and I thought well I enjoyed making it, this is what I want to do,” she said.

And that’s exactly what she did.

Ramer has her own shop at Goshen’s Old Bag Factory.

“I’m self-taught. I had one guy call me up. He ordered a cheesecake for his wife. He said he doesn’t like cheesecake, but he tried my cheesecake and [said] ‘that was darned good cheesecake,’” she explained

Ramer says she’s worked hard to perfect her recipe for people all over northern Indiana and southwest Michigan and hopefully, someday, across the country to enjoy.

She said, “I’ve done weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, different events like that.”

Ramer is a new mom and primarily works on her own whipping up more than 60 different flavors of cheesecakes in all different sizes.

She took us through her process step by step—mixing cream cheese, sugar and vanilla then adding the eggs one by one.

“I have the same base that I use for all of my cheesecakes. I just add in all of the different ingredients for all of the different flavors. And then I just bake it at a low temperature for a long time,” said Ramer.

Hard work, persistence, and talent is Ramer’s recipe for success.

“It’s definitely a God-given talent, I think. I don’t think I could have… you know, anyone can follow a recipe, but to make it that extra ‘superbness,’ I think you have to a little bit of talent,” she said.

The Old Bag Factory is accepting applications from entrepreneurs looking to find somewhere to open their business.

One of the building’s managers said they have about five spaces available right now.

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