Old2Gold sale draws thousands seeking a deal

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- Carts, fridges and bins were just a small part of the Old2Gold stockpile

For first timers like Stephen Coyne, he got the storage crates he was desperately looking for.

"I walked in, and within four minutes, I found what I wanted. I got it." Coyne said. "People even helped me move the stuff."

He works for an area hospital where the wait times can be long, so he steps in to lighten up the mood. In order to keep that going, he needs some storage space.

"I have an inventory of 15,000 balloons at home," Coyne said. "My boss says, 'I never want to catch you without balloons in your pocket.'"

He wasn't the only one to score some stuff, 3,500 others flocked to Notre Dame Stadium all in hopes of finding that coveted deal.

"That's part of the allure of our yard sale. The opportunity for folks to come in for only five dollars," Ryan Willerton, Director of Community Standards, said. "Even if they can't find something they were looking for, just the opportunity to be in this historic venue is always a fun time."

The hottest item in stock -- bicycles. They were gone in a matter of seconds.

"You have to be here early, and apparently 3:30 in the morning isn't early enough," Anthony King, an Old2Gold enthusiast, said.

He didn't get what he wanted this time, but the third-year veteran knows there's always next year.

"It's definitely a hit or miss," King said. "If you get there fast enough, and you beat the person to what you want, and you get it, you're happy and you're set, but if you don't, you leave a little bit bummed."

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