One kidnapped and more than 120 guns stolen in Benton Township

BENTON TOWNSHIP, Mich.-- At roughly 2 a.m. Friday, Benton Township police got a call from a store manager at the Dunham's Sports location on Napier Avenue with one heck of a story.

According to police, Thursday night, just before 10, two strangers approached the store manager at his home. There, he was threatened at gunpoint, blindfolded and handcuffed and placed in the backseat of his own car.

He was driven to an unknown location and forced at gunpoint to give up the store's security passcode.

One suspect stayed with the manager while the other disabled the security at Dunham's, then filled two Yeti coolers with handguns. 

"Just look at the firepower on this table,” said Jim Deir, special agent in charge for ATF Michigan. “You've got 100 guns that were headed to the streets of Grand Rapids, headed to the streets of Detroit, Lansing, Benton Harbor, across the state."

Those coolers and all but one of the 123 stolen guns are now in police custody, and two brothers were arrested in connection, 33-year-old Darnell Bishop and 25-year-old Dontrell Nance.

Police said the suspects tried to CashApp themselves money from the manager's debit card. This failed transaction led police to their suspects. 

Once detained, both allegedly admitted to being involved in the robbery.

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