One of the "Central Park Five" shared his message in Benton Harbor

NOW: One of the “Central Park Five“ shared his message in Benton Harbor


BENTON HARBOR, Mich – On Wednesday evening crowds gathered at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church to hear Korey Wise speak. 

Wise is known as being one of the “Central Park Five” which is a group of five Black and Hispanic young men who were accused of raping then 28-year-old white woman Trisha Miele in New York City’s Central Park. 

“After I watched the movie I ended up in tears,” Benton Harbor parent and entrepreneur Apollonia Williams said. 

Wednesday’s gathering saw panelists which included Professors, law enforcement, and educators joined by Korey Wise to speak about the criminal justice system. 

“For African Americans and communities of color all our systems are down our systems are broken whether we look at K-12 public education whether we are looking at our criminal Justice system or go to the east in Flint where they poisoned a whole community,” Michigan Department of Education Vice President Dr. Pamela Pugh said.  

Wise and four other young men whom were jailed saw their charges and convictions vacated when another person whom is a serial rapist confessed to the crime. 

The story received widespread media attention when it happened up to today which it’s still seeing a large response after Netflix’s Docu-series “When They See Us” is widely being spoken about. 

“They told them don’t overturn the conviction if you overturn the conviction there will be major lawsuit going on so as I’m hearing  this for the first time 30 years later I’m saying to myself then how I’m supposed to be,” Korey Wise said. 

Wise said he’s thankful the case and charges were vacated. 

“I’m getting older and I’m happy I’m glad to be getting older out here than behind those bars,” Wise said. 

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