One on one with Jack Swarbrick

Irish Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick joined Allison Hayes on the set of ABC57 Saturday Kickoff on senior day. They discussed Notre Dame's independence and the importance of scheduling.

"We're trying to make sure that we have games that the playoff selection committee can look at across various conferences. That's why we have Alabama and A&M scheduled, we're about to announce another SEC team. We'll always have PAC-12 games, we have a lot of Big Ten games coming up. So you want to get those markers, but in addition you're trying to create those experiences for the fans and more importantly the players. Next year is especially fun, starting in Ireland going to Lambeau Field, hosting Clemson. It's just a year full of special events for the team," Swarbrick said.

"Now selfishly, I am from the state of Michigan, I live across the state line. So, for me, it's sad to see Michigan gone but I am glad that you're bringing the Wolverines back," Allison said.

"Yes and we were. Both programs worked very hard to get two games on the schedule that we could announce before we played this year. We're continuing to talk about other games and I am very optimistic that we will be able to announce other games with Michigan in the future," Swarbrick said.

"That kind of leads me into the whole conference conversation. That's something that's ongoing, I'm sure. Everyone always asks, 'Can Notre Dame continue to be an independent in football with the way the playoff system is in college football right now?'" Allison said.

"Well, we can right now. We acknowledge that there are external factors that could change that over time. We have to have a media partner to do it. We have a phenomenal media partner but if that were ever to change down the road, that would be a factor. What the college football playoffs evolve to over time. I'm not suggesting change is imminent, those things always evolve. That will be a factor for us. We're always going to look at it. Our preference, strong preference, is to stay independent but external factors may have a say in that someday," Swarbrick said.

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