One South Bend neighborhood suffers severe flood damage

Historic flooding in South Bend. Water levels were so high, that neighbors took a boat out on Scott Street Tuesday morning just to get around.

"We’ve got five homes along the stretch that totally filled up 100% in the basements and have gone into the main levels and pretty much a total loss as far as contents goes,” said Chris Elmerick, a resident who lives in the neighborhood.

Families on Scott Street near Jackson Road took a look at what was the place they called home.

One family just moved in two months ago.

“We just finished remodeling my daughter’s bedroom and cleaning out some stuff and we’re working on the upstairs,” said Nicole Coleman, whose home was damaged.

They now have to re-do everything…whenever they return home.

“We packed up the kids and all the clothes and things like that we could get out of the home in one load and transported my kids to my sisters for the night,” said Elmerick.

But they’re all just happy to be okay.

“What I look at the most is that we got the family out and we got the clothes and things like that. The kids still can use but everything else is a material item and eventually those things can always be replaced,” said Elmerick.

Saint Joseph County Emergency Management crews are currently assessing damages across the city.

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