South Bend mom left in despair after court details

NOW: South Bend mom left in despair after court details

SOUTH BEND, Ind.- A South Bend mom is left in despair after learning her daughter will have to wait even longer for justice.

Last month ABC57 reported Adrian Vasquez the man who pleaded guilty to a level five felony, was in the national guard, which hindered the process of sentencing.

On Wednesday, his sentencing was pushed back once again.

The National Guard has responded and condemns Vasquez’s behavior, but in tears the mother says she doesn’t understand why the sentencing process is delayed.

She wants to point out what the defense did at this morning’s hearing. “He is constantly trying to manipulate the system for his clients. He’s already plead guilty all we have to do is go through sentencing and now they are throwing into the mix he wants to get a jag attorney,” says the mother of the victim who wished to remain anonymous.

She attended adrian vasquez’s hearing on Wednesday and adds Judge Elizabeth Hurley was forced to delay the sentencing in order to avoid an appeal by the suspect later down the road.

“He provided paperwork, but the judges hands were tied at that point because she didn’t have the opportunity to review it in order to make a decision on sentencing,” she says.

Vasquez already pleaded guilty to an added count of child solicitation, a level 5 felony, which is something the National Guard says is usually followed by separation of the military.

Now, the victim’s family is handling this continuance day by day, but mom says her daughter’s pain seems to be overlooked.

“She’s very strong, I have to give her credit for that,” says mom. “I’m not taking it well because she’s my baby and I feel that no one is giving her the credit she’s due or the opportunity to have someone say ‘Yes, you were hurt and this person should be accounted for it.’”

According to this mother, Vasquez had 30 days to prove that he didn’t know that taking a plea would affect his ability to continue in the military; so this added time to her is frustrating, to say the least.

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