Opening statements in Richmond Hill trial

Monday, opening statements in Mark Leonard's trial began Monday after three days of jury selection. Leonard has been charged with 46 counts of arson, 2 counts of conspiracy to commit arson and one count of conspiracy to commit insurance fraud related to the house explosion in Richmond Hill in Indianapolis on November 10, 2012.

During opening statements, the prosecution and defense tell the jury about their case and the evidence they will present during trial.

The prosecution says the crime was well thought out and that death is an ugly business.

They did establish that Leonard did not intend to kill.

Prosecuting attorney Denise Robinson talked about the night of November 10, 2012. She said the explosion rocked a substantial area of Indianapolis.

She talked about witnesses that would be testifying including: firefighters, neighbors, and experts.

Experts from Citizens Energy Group will say the explosion involving natural gas was intentional, according to Robinson.

Leonard's attorney Diane Black spoke of desperation , that the explosion at Richmond Hill was a product of desperation for money.

She claims it was meant to be a small fire.

Monserrate Shirley, Leonard's ex –lover, took a plea agreement for her involvement in the explosion and will be testifying against him.

Tuesday, the first of thousands of pieces of evidence will be introduced to the court and witnesses will begin testifying.

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