Outlook on the local rollout of the COVID-19 booster shot

NOW: Outlook on the local rollout of the COVID-19 booster shot

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Local experts believe there will be no shortage of COVID-19 booster shots available to area residents when the FDA approves the third vaccine for the general public.

The Biden Administration remains hopeful that the FDA will approve the rollout of a third COVID-19 vaccination in less than two weeks.

With approval, fully vaccinated individuals, who are eight months past the date of their second shot, would become eligible for a third Pfizer or Moderna dose.

CDC officials are considering to recommend the booster shot for high-risk groups of people like nursing home residents, older adults with high-risk situations, and frontline healthcare workers.

Health officials anticipate the rollout of the third vaccine will be more accessible compared the initial rollout of the first vaccine.

“The expectation is that it would roll out in a very similar fashion to what we had in Indiana. So, healthcare workers and nursing home residents would be the first tier and they’d get the first round of boosters. The difference is now we have plenty of vaccines available. Back in January and February, there were limited sites that were administering vaccines and fairly limited doses. Now, plenty of sites available and plenty of vaccines available,” said Dr. Mark Fox, Deputy Health Officer of St. Joseph County.

One local resident is looking forward to receiving the COVID-19 booster shot.

“If it was approved, sign me up. I would go ahead and get it immediately. So, if the people that have done the studies that are experts are telling me that this is what I need, like anything else, I’ve gotten vaccines when I was a little kid, they told me I needed them. I’m going to trust the experts,” one South Bend resident said.

One fully vaccinated resident does not feel the need to get a booster shot.

“Well, I’m fully vaccinated myself. Went and got both shots. But, as far as the booster, I believe that the shots are enough, and I’m confident with that. This is it for me. I believe I’m confident enough that the shots will keep me safe,” another South Bend resident said.

Dr. Fox also says that it is possible that receiving a COVID-19 booster could become an annual occurrence, similar to the flu shot.

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