Overnight warming center opens up due to significantly cold temperatures

NOW: Overnight warming center opens up due to significantly cold temperatures

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- St. Patrick Church opened its doors as a warming center, which turned into a place for people to stay overnight, due to extreme cold weather conditions.

Bob Ullery, a facilitator of St. Patrick Parish Center said the community showed an outpouring of support by donating their time and items for the center.

“Our community cares about people and that’s what it’s all about,” said Ullery. “And Clara’s stepping up giving me ideas and helping me.”

Clara Ross, an advocate for the homeless and a volunteer at the St. Patrick's warming center said she knows what it’s like to be without a home and no heat. Ross urges people to get out and help those in need. 

“The homeless need to know they’re not invisible,” said Ross. “And that people care about them sincerely.”

Ullery said this is the first time that they have opened as a warming center.

“St. Patrick’s Parish has never done this before,” said Ullery. “If this happens again we will be prepared to continue doing this.”

The centers organizers said the Red Cross pitched in by donating cots. Community members also donated food and other necessities.

Ullery said the center will be open through Friday in the morning and they may extend the opening through Monday depending on the weather.

The organizers for the center, located at 308 Scott St. in South Bend, recommended that people direct those in need to St. Patrick’s or any other warming center.

They mentioned that buses are free during the frigid temperatures and the western bus can drop people off close to the entrance of the warming center.

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