Paintball gun prank nearly turns deadly

NOW: Paintball gun prank nearly turns deadly

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. -- “Paintball guns have a time and place,” said Cisco Rodriguez, Sergeant and Public Information Officer of Michigan City Police Department.

Last week in Michigan City, a man was pumping gas at the BP off of Franklin Street when he heard a popping sound and immediately felt stings on his body. He then saw someone in a vehicle with what appeared to be a gun, so thinking he was being shot at, he drew his concealed gun and fired several shots at the car. Luckily, no one was harmed.

"An organized paintball facility where you wear a mask and protective gear, they’re perfectly fine and safe. But for out in the open, people without masks not only can it damage property, but it can seriously hurt people on the face and eyes and could damage,” said Sergeant Rodriguez.   

These paintball pranks have been happening repeatedly in Michigan City. Christina Wright says she had her car shot at while driving on tenth street just the day before the incident at the BP gas station.

“I mean I’ve driven all over the town and have never had anything thrown at me or shot at me,” said Wright. “This day in age you don’t know what anybody has with them or what they’re going to do in return, so I was kind of surprised that somebody was dumb enough to fire something at my car.” 

Wright has lived in Michigan City for 32 years and says nothing like this has ever happened to her. Luckily, her car had no permanent damage.

“I just think it’s ridiculous. It’s time to grow up, you don’t know who has what, so be safe. Don’t play stupid games that is really the only way to look at it,” said Wright.   

According to Sergeant Rodriguez, officials do not know for certain if these paintball gun incidents are the same offenders, but it is a possibility. He asks if anyone has any information to call the Michigan City Police Department at 219 – 874- 3221 or visit their Facebook page here.   

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