Paintball prank leads to shots fired

Michigan City Police are warning residents that playing pranks can have serious consequences. A man who was shot with paintballs thought he had been shot and fired real bullets at the pranksters, according to police.

The victim was pumping gas at a gas station on Franklin Street on Friday afternoon when he heard a popping sound and felt stings on his body.

He saw someone in the passenger side window of a passing vehicle with what appeared to be a gun.

The victim though he had been shot, so he drew his gun and fired several shots at the vehicle, police said.

Police responded to the scene and learned the victim had been struck with several paintballs.

Police said the victim had a valid handgun license and fully cooperated with the investigation.

During the investigation, police learned a similar incident happened earlier in the day in the 800 block of Franklin.

No injuries were reported.

Police said they will arrest and seek prosecution of anyone involved in this type of behavior because it can lead to serious injuries and property damage.

If you have any information in this case, please contact Officer Charles Henderson at 219-874-3221.

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