Palm Sunday tornado outbreak memorial in Elkhart

Saturday marks 50 years since the tragic Palm Sunday tornado outbreak wreaked havoc on Michiana and other parts of the Midwest.

The set of five tornadoes hit Elkhart County in 1965.

A memorial was held Saturday at a special site in Elkhart to honor those lost.

Emily Neice and Eugene Miller were young Indiana teens at the time the storm hit.

“If you think it's that big, it's ten times bigger,” Neice said of the storms.

They lost their mother and home to the tornadoes.

“I remember carrying my mom from where she was killed all the way up the road to the hospital,” Miller said.

They attended the memorial in Elkhart Saturday with their uncle, Chris Miller, who napped through the storm.

“We were only two miles away from it and were not harmed at all,” Chris said.

The Miller family's biggest advice is to treasure your family.

“Call them and tell them you love them, and you have to do that every day,” Neice said. 
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