Panic buying hits Michiana as Coronavirus concerns intensify

MISHAWAKA, Ind. ----Hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and household cleaners are quickly selling out across Michiana, forcing stores like Walmart, Martin’s, and Meijer to limit the number of products shoppers can buy.

Some shelves at the Walmart on Indian Ridge Boulevard, Martin’s in Heritage Square, and Meijer on Grape Road sit empty after many shoppers began hoarding certain items over growing concerns over the coronavirus.

Meijer on Grape road out of stock of bleach.

“I went to Meijer and almost all of the hand soap was gone,” one local shopper, Kaitlin Meyer, said.

Most stores are now starting to limit how many products shoppers can walk away with. Martin’s is limiting disinfectant wipes to one per person. Shoppers said they saw Target and Meijer doing the same.

“Toilet paper, water bottles, they’re limiting how much you can buy I think they said like two,” Heidi Hodges said.

It’s called panic buying. Psychologists say it’s a form of control in a time of uncertainty. But mainly, shoppers say it’s frustrating. They want to protect themselves and are unable to because of others who purchase too much.

Walmart on Indiana Ridge Boulevard cleared of toilet paper products.

“I think it’s a little unnecessary,” Sophia Croyts said, a shopper. “Take what you need you don’t need to take more than that.”

Officials at nearly all major area stores say they are working to restock high demand items as quickly as they can.

In the meantime, at Meijer, Target, Martin’s, Costco, Sam’s Club and Walmart are all ramping up sanitation efforts to keep customers safe.

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