Parent apologizes after making threat toward South Bend school

NOW: Parent apologizes after making threat toward South Bend school


“I was upset that everybody tells me it’s the parents’ fault. I’m his father at school but I’m not his teacher. I can’t make him sit in a chair. That’s that teacher’s job,” said John Young, parent of student at Navarre Intermediate Center.

46-year-old John Young says his son is having trouble in school.

“Just basically I was mad because I couldn’t get any help,” said Young.

So on February 16th, he walked into the office at Navarre Intermediate and threatened staff according to official investigation paperwork. After leaving the school, he took his threats to Facebook which is what put him in the St. Joseph County jail.

“… I needed to vent somehow and I know it was the wrong way to do,” said Young.

The probable cause affidavit says Young posted threats laced with profanity and made racist remarks. He also said what he would do if his son didn’t get help. (Quote: “I’ll give him the gun and load it for him.”)

Young claims he asked for help from school staff regarding his son’s behavioral issues..

“They kind of got on him a little bit saying that they gave him so many chances. I mean I didn’t have any heads turning when I did ask and I figured that would get a couple of heads to turn and look our way a little bit,” said Young.

ABC 57’s Andrea Alvarez reached out to both the South Bend Community School Corporation who declined to comment, saying 'it is a police or prosecutor matter at this time', however police declined to interview on this specific situation as well.

Young says this has done more harm than good for his son.

“I think he’s getting punished more than me because they actually think that I’m going to give him a gun and he’s going to go to school and shoot everybody. I got a lot of anger issues. Getting mad all the time…. I just want to get help for my son is all.. I don’t know why I blow it out of proportion or anything,” said Young.

5 days after his initial post, Young posted an apology to all parents he may have offended or scared, however he is now placed on a ‘no contact order’ with school staff at Navarre and cannot be on school grounds.

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