Parent upset with restaurant management decision

NOW: Parent upset with restaurant management decision

ELKHART. Ind -- On Saturday, 15 year old, Rosa Jimenez was asked by her supervisor of Granma's House of Pancake, to get into customer's car, to go to the ATM and get cash. 

The customer was not able to pay her bill due to the company's card machine being out of order, so she decided to go to the ATM to get cash.

Originally, it was Rosa Jimenez, who says she was asked by her supervisor, ride with the customer.

At that time, Rosa says she became uncomfortable.

"And I could feel the fear creeping up and I just looked over my shoulder to my friend and she was like are you ok? Are you comfortable with going? And I was like not really and I was like stuttering and stuff because like, that’s scary" said Rosa Jimenez.

Another employee and minor was said to offer to go instead of Rosa because she noticed how uncomfortable Rosa was.

Although Rosa did not go with the customer, her mother, was not pleased with the decision by management.

"Being asked to get into a stranger’s car, that’s one of the first thing that you teach your kids when they’re little. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t get into a car with strangers." said the mother of Rosa, Nora Rodriguez.

We were able to catch up with the customer involved.

"Well I was really really upset because the girl told me she’s a minor and he sent her with me. He doesn’t even know me. He doesn’t know what kind of person I am, thank God I’m and honest lady and I bring her back. I pay the money and I never go back to that place again." said customer, Diana Klapp.

When ABC57 reached out to the restaurant for comment, their law firm provided us with a statement that described the situation with the credit card machine and how it caused a lot of confusion throughout the day. 

Saying in part “During the confusion one of our employees voluntarily agreed to go outside with the woman to get her cash and then left the restaurant with the customer. Our owner did not order the employee to go outside with the customer, and it was completely the employee’s choice. At no time did the woman or the employee say anything about driving anywhere. We did not ask any employees to go out with customers to get cash or force anyone to do anything in that regard.”

Although no one was hurt, the ordeal of the "what if" factor, left the mother and the teen, upset.

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