Parents, coaches keeping a close eye on kids in the heat

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Parents and coaches are doing what they can to keep their children and players cool in the hot temperatures. One parent says it’s so hot, she won’t let her children play on the playground.

Keiara and Jerry played in the fountain at Coquillard Park Wednesday because the playground equipment was way too hot.

"They are staying right there then coming right home,” said Keiara and Jerry’s mom Kassie Blanton.

How hot is too hot to play on playground equipment?

Just before 11 a.m. Wednesday, the equipment was 112-degrees. The pavement on the basketball court was 115-degrees and the swing was 100-degrees.

"I'd rather be at the beach but we can't get to the beach. So this is the best day to be out here and be cool in the water,” said Blanton

Children on the playground aren't the only ones struggling in this heat. Players at the Notre Dame softball camp are taking extra precautions to protect against heat exhaustion.

"We've asked for additional coolers at every site that we've been using, and they are being filled up more frequently than we have in years past,” said Kris Ganeff, Associate Coach of the Notre Dame softball program.

Ganeff says the kids need more breaks to keep them hydrated, and they have full time trainers on site.

"We've had some kids where they've been feeling a little dizzy or short of breath and needing a break so what we did was make them go have a seat in the dugout and get some rest,” said Ganeff.

The girls at Notre Dame softball camp have also been taking an extra hour in the afternoon to go inside and cool off in the air conditioning.

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