Parents on alert for marijuana laced Halloween candy

Halloween is quickly approaching, and the dangers of mysterious candies in children's trick-or-treat bags are still at a high risk, especially in Denver where marijuana is legal.

Police there are advising parents to be on high alert for marijuana infused candy.
Police say that marijuana candy looks identical to regular candy, and in Canada last year, some children landed in the emergency room after eating lollipops laced with synthetic marijuana.
According to ABC News Medical Consultant Dr, Mark Abdelmalek, parents should look out for unprofessionally packed candies.
“Any candy that your child is going to get should be in a sealed commercial grade bag. They should not consume anything that is in a homemade bag, especially from a neighborhood or house that you are not familiar with," said Abdelmalek.
Parents are advised to always check their child's candy after trick-or-treating.

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