Parents respond to proposal to resume in person classes at South Bend Schools

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Parents of South Bend Schools students are weighing in on the corporation’s latest proposal to return to in person classes. That proposal would have virtual learning continue from August 12th through the 28th.

“I don’t know, I think it might be too early,” said Johnny Bacardo, who has grandchildren in South Bend Schools.

Monday night’s virtual work session proposed changes to that reopening plan.

Two board members, Dr. Stuart Greene and Dr. Ruth Warren, support a South Bend NEA proposal to delay physical classes for nine weeks.

Timothy Davis, whose son is in high school, says he worries about the constant changing of classrooms when classes resume.

“If it one person, either a student or a teacher gets it, you pretty much have to almost shut down that whole school,” said Davis.

Davis says he hopes whatever South Bend Schools decides will keep his son and other students safe from the spread of Coronavirus.

“There is just too much uncertainty with the virus,” said Davis. “There’s too many unknowns, especially since younger people are becoming more exposed to it, as the numbers say, especially here in South Bend.”

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