Parents speak out at school board meeting ahead of first day of classes

Parents continued to voice concerns to South Bend Community School Corporation’s superintendent.

Superintendent Kenneth Spells heard from more residents during Monday night’s school board meeting, just two days before classes begin.

“I’m actually not here to fight as I told the superintendent, I want to help the school system,” said parent Joe Breathitt.

Parents took to the podium just days before their kids will take on the first day of school.

Many concerns echoed the sentiments expressed during last week’s kick off of Spells’ listening.

“These parents are really rooting for us, they’re in our corner and they want to work together to ensure our success,” said Spells.

There were also concerns about growing competition.

“As of today we have 212 students who are entering the district,” said Dean Speicher, School City of Mishawaka Superintendent.

That’s 212 new students, potentially some South Bend students, but all originally from outside of the district.

That’s the payoff for Mishawaka schools’ aggressive marketing.

So parents in this district want to know what can South Bend Community Schools do to hike enrollment come next year.

“We really have to market the district, we really have to let the people know about the great programs that are going on, improve customer service, make sure we follow through, and just be engaged in the community,” said Spells.

Superintendent Spells’ next listening tour will be held Thursday, September 8 at Clay High School.

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