Parents upset that bus driver allegedly attacked students

NOW: Parents upset that bus driver allegedly attacked students

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Parents are upset after a South Bend bus driver allegedly verbally and physically assaulted students on Thursday.

Law enforcement officials responded to calls of an alleged assault on Generations Drive at 4:40 Thursday afternoon. Parents said a bus driver started cursing at students and even physically attacked one of them.

”We have this grown person who may or may not have kids but is around kids every single day to go off on someone else’s kids and put his hands on them?,” said a parent who wanted to remain anonymous.  “That is unacceptable.”

The bus driver eventually pulled into a parking lot where another bus had to come and drop off the remaining students.

“I think something more should happen besides him just being fired because for him to put his hands on someone else’s child is unacceptable,” said the parent.

South Bend Community School Corporation released a statement on Friday saying, ““We are aware of the incident. It is currently under investigation at this time.”

ABC 57 reached out to law enforcement to see if the driver will face charges, they have not responded yet. 

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