Parents weigh in on SB Schools' strategic plan

NOW: Parents weigh in on SB Schools’ strategic plan

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- On Tuesday parents were able to weigh in on South Bend School Corporation's strategic plan. Tuesday's meeting, which was held at the Salvation Army Kroc Center, was one of the last opportunities parents had to let their concerns be heard. 

"I’m a little bit concerned still about equity in South Bend Schools," said Alison Mynsberge, who's son goes to Madison STEAM Academy. "I think there’s a big different in the experience for the parent and student depending on what school you’re at in the system."

Mynsberge says some of that inequity has been on full display with the corporation's virtual start to the academic year. 

"This fall, with Chromebook pickups being all the way on the east side close to Mishawaka, they found out, I guess at the last minute, that only 10 percent of the students at his school had picked up their Chromebooks," said Mynsberge.

Officials at the corporation say they've been working to address those equity issues.

"This year we launched an effort to contact every student in the district before Labor Day," said Superintendent Dr. Todd Cummings. "One, to make sure that they’re not having technology issues and they knew that we were engaged with them."

Mynsberge says she left Tuesday's meeting optimistic about the future South Bend Schools can offer her son. 

"Once we are out of COVID I hope South Bend Community Schools can go into a really good place again," said Mynsberge. "I think they maybe don’t get the reputation that they deserve because I think you can get a really good education at South Bend Schools."

SBCSC also wants to remind parents that the deadline to fill out the strategic planning survey is Saturday. 

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