Park in Winona Lake creating new opportunities

Limitless Park at Winona Lake is open and allowing for "limitless opportunities" for people who stop by. 

It is a free park open to the public and is designed so anyone can come and play.

“In 2011, we just had a vision. I and another group of people had a vision for a place where all ages could play together here in Winona Lake,” said Erin Porter, Committee Chair Volunteer with Winona Lake Limitless Park.

The idea started four years ago and was made possible due to public and private donations, as well as grant money. 

The Splash Pad at Limitless Park is accessible for all children and adults with any range of ability. 

“We’re all the same, God just put us in different ability levels and so it’s just been great. We’re definitely going to make this a weekly trip as long as we have the great weather," said Whitney Losher, a Direct Support Professional at Cardinal Services.    

Cardinal Services is located in Warsaw and takes care of adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. 

“We thought you know what, we need to get these guys out of the house and doing something fun. At first they were confused about what is going on and then once they felt it was water and that it was cooling them down, they loved it,” said Losher. 

The splash pad was designed to be enjoyable for all walks of life.

“It’s been really fun to see a lot of different people from a lot of different communities coming,” said parent Christi Overman.

Overman said the Splash Pad helps to bring out the personality in both of her children. Her daughter who is introverted and her son who is very out-going. 

“I like the splash pad. “It’s fun," said her 6-year-old son Ian.

“Ian loves it because he’s very extroverted and he sees friends from all different walks of life we’ve met. We love it. We’re here almost every day,” Overman added.  

She is also a teacher and said it is nice to be able to see everyone be able to play together despite their ability.

The Splash Pad opened in May and is phase one of four phases of Limitless Park.

Phase two includes building a universally accessible play ground that will include various equipment for different ages. This phase also includes universally accessible restrooms.

Phase three will expand the parking area. 

However, organizers are still fundraising for these additions. Currently, about $850,000 is needed in funding.

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