Park Jefferson Apartments catch fire for second time this year

The Park Jefferson Apartment complex caught fire again for the second time this year, making it the fourth time in the last eight-months fire crews were called to the place for a fire.

It all happened around 10:00pm, Sunday night on East Jefferson Boulavard.

This fire was much smaller than the last blaze at Park Jefferson that left dozens of people homeless. Firefighters say the fire could have been a lot worse, but luckily some residents were outside, saw the fire, and called it in right away.

Fire crews arrived to the scene to find smoke coming from one of the apartments and forced entry to the kitchen where they found the fire.

After an investigation, they found out the fire started in a pan on a stove top; and people living in at least seven apartments had to be relocated until smoke and water was removed.

According to South bend Firefighters, there was $50,000 in damages to the building. It took a half hour to put out.



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