SBPD officer takes in six puppies while SBARC remains on Parvo Quarantine

NOW: SBPD officer takes in six puppies while SBARC remains on Parvo Quarantine

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Puppies found on the sound of the road are being cared for by a generous police officer, as the South Bend Animal Resource Center is under quarantine with a parvo outbreak.

SBARC says they are doing what they can to stop the spread of the extremely contagious virus that prevents dogs from retaining nutrients of water, as well as not putting other dogs at risk by bringing them into the shelter that is already at capacity.

“Unfortunately, we are on a parvo quarantine until May 1. We had a dog test positive for parvo so we’re trying to make sure that all the animals that are currently in being housed at the shelter are staying safe and staying healthy,” said Lindsey Cueller the Shelter Manager at SBARC.

That left people unsure of what to do with a litter of puppies found on the side of the road Monday.

Until they came through the doors of SBPD.

That’s when crime scene technician and retired officer, Ron Kaszas and his wife stepped in.

“There were six of them total. My wife works at animal control. Sarah found out there, so we have puppies with nowhere to go,” said Kaszas.

Volunteering to take in all six of the pups, who he says are doing well.

“They’re doing fine. Outside the feeding cleaning, and everything add a little more to your life but we know they’re gonna be safe,” Kaszas added.

Kaszas has served on the department for 30 years and this isn’t his first time stepping in to save a four-legged friend.

Video shows him rescuing a deer stuck in a swimming pool, and he went viral after saving a skunk whose head was stuck in a cup nearly five years ago to the day.

He says they just love all animals, but with three dogs at home already, the Kaszas Family could not keep the pups, but they didn’t think twice to bring them in.

“Some other stuff I saw on the street dealing with animals being shot and things like that you don’t wanna see that kind of stuff so if there’s a chance of saving animals that’s what we do,” said the hero.

SBARC says a stranded litter of puppies, is unfortunately nothing new to them, but they are grateful to see them off the street.

“We’re so thankful for that because we knew that while they may have had a rough start to their life it’s not going to stay that way,” said Cueller.

And for those who are unable to take in dogs, SBARC will still respond to emergencies.

For all other intakes or surrenders SBARC advises waiting until quarantine is lifted May 1, but still reporting strays until then.

While also advising all dog owners make sure their pet’s vaccinations are up to date, as it will prevent parvo.

“If parvo came into our shelter, that means that it is coming across the city this dog that came into our shelter, picked it up from somewhere,” Cueller warned.

The six puppies have all been accounted for, but there are plenty of pups at SBARC who are always looking for foster and forever homes.

They can be adopted before quarantined is over if there are no other pets in the home, in that case adoptions will have to wait until after May 1.

View all adoptable pets at this link.

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