Passengers credit bus driver with saving lives

VAN BUREN, Mich. -- Passengers on the charter bus that was involved in the multi-car pileup on I-94 credit the driver with saving their lives.

Tyra Atkinson was on her way back home to Grand Rapids Thursday morning when her charter bus veered out of control.

Atkinson blames aggressive drivers and white out conditions.

"Cars are flying past, flying past and she had slowed down to maybe 20-25 miles per hour," said Atkinson.

Atkinson saw a semi and car in front of the bus collide.

"At that point, it was out of her control. So, the best thing for her to do was either go into this semi truck or go into the ditch," said Atkinson.

The driver steered the bus into the ditch, preventing any possibility of being sandwiched by the dozen vehicles behind them.

Atkinson was shaken up, but thankful things didn't end differently.

"My advice to people is -- take your time. If you feel like the roads are too bad, don't go," said Atkinson.


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