Notre Dame gamedays seeing a rise in pedicabs

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- The popularity of Pedicabs has risen in South Bend during University of Notre Dame football games, and as a response, many drivers flocked to the city to meet demands.

Pedicab drivers told ABC 57 News, working on Notre Dame football game days is the industry’s best kept secret. Most of the drivers said they are coming from out of state to work the game in between big events like professional games and music festivals.

“This is my first time in South Bend,” said Grael Hudek, who usually works in Washington D.C. “It’s a beautiful city and a lot of nice people.”

Hudek said he drove more than 16 hours to get to South Bend. He said most pedicab drivers will pack up their bikes and gear inside of a trailer in order to get to a destination.

“I will work for whatever tip you feel like parting with,” Hudek said. “If you’re willing to guide me there, I’ll show you a good time and drive fast.”

Along with licenses and registration, a pedicab driver has their normal rate of $5 posted inside the cab. An official with the university said the pedicabs are not allowed on campus, and drivers said safety comes first.

“We are not in the business of getting people hurt or bad publicity or giving anybody an experience that doesn’t drive them to want to try it again,” Hudek said.


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