Pence fights back against EPA regulations

 According to the Indiana website, Indiana Environmental officials and Republican Gov. Mike Pence are pushing back against new rules proposed by the EPA that would reduce the amount of ozone levels allowed in the atmosphere.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management says the state's current air quality improvements are adequate. And that controlling ozone levels in highly populated urban areas would be difficult to do as more cars are on the roads with a longer life expectancy for the vehicle.

The state's top air-quality regulators claim lowering ozone levels won't help people with asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia and those with other conditions made worse by ozone.

In the letter, they attach studies showing even as ozone levels have decreased for the past 15 years, rates of asthma in indiana have increased. The commissioner who penned the letter argues the link between ozone and asthma may not be as strong as the epa believes.

And Governor Pence argues that the proposal will kill jobs and diminish the quality of life in Indiana. Saying in a statement,

“Once again, the EPA continues its relentless pursuit of harmful federal regulation,” said Governor Mike Pence. “The proposed ozone standards come at the worst possible time.  Just as our economy appears to be turning a corner, particularly in indiana, here comes the EPA with yet another, more stringent standard that will limit economic expansion and impair the ability of Hoosier businesses to create new jobs.” 
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