Penn Kingsmen awarded State Title runner-up, community celebrates

NOW: Penn Kingsmen awarded State Title runner-up, community celebrates


MISHAWAKA, Ind.— Sunday’s loss of the 6A State Title was just within reach for the Penn Kingsmen.

As we reported live from Indiannapolis, the Kingsman lost their final fight on the field this season.

“I’m a straight shooter. I’m going to tell you exactly how I feel, last night was a nightmare, ”says Coach Cory Yeoman.

But, that devastating ending to the season simply doesn’t tell the full story.

After a tough beginning, progress was quick and steady. A 12 game winning streak put the 6 A State Title within reach.

But, that all came to an end on Saturday when PHM lost their final fight on the field with just 14 points against a whopping 63 points scored by Ben Davis Giants.

“It definitely didn’t go the way we wanted to but taking the positives from it just playing with my brothers one last time in the stadium I mean it was awesome,” says Gabe Bowman, senior linebacker.

Still, the community was very proud of their boys, especially the seniors.

“All the guys I’ve grown quite fond of and it’s just been an amazing experience with them,” says Peni Zakalahi, senior defensive tackle.

Tate Johnson is one of the team’s underclassman inspired to make the current seniors proud.

“I’m just going to work hard. I know the rest of my team is day in and day out every year I have left I hopefully want to win a blue ring by the time I’m a senior so that’s my goal,” says Johnson.

It’s that hopeful spirit for future success, that current seniors wish to leave as a lasting legacy.

“I really just hope my underclassman keep up the great tradition that we have here at Penn. They keep on working, striving to be the best they can, and eventually learn from our mistakes and win a state championship,” says James Morris, senior defensive tackle.

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