Penny-pinching godmother saves $5000 in pennies for college tuition

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis woman is known as a "penny pincher" but she said she wouldn't have it any other way.

Faith Hammock wanted to help her goddaughter through college, so 15 years ago, she started saving pennies, even picking them up off the street.

She recently added the 500,000th penny, that's $5,000, and just in time, too.

Her goddaughter, Kyla Gilbert, starts college this fall.

"All this hard work that they've put into me, I had to put it into something else and show them that I'm a good student and they're doing -- they're investing in me and they're investing in something good," said Gilbert.

She will attend Indiana University.

thanks to scholarships, nearly all of her college tuition has been paid.

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