People of all faiths meet to talk about Climate Change

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. – Dozens of people from all walks of religion and beliefs gathered at the Berrien County Courthouse ahead of Pope Francis’ meeting with Congress on Thursday about Climate Change.

It’s a highly charged political debate in the U.S. but it’s one this group says they’re excited to hear what Pope Francis thinks about it.

The Multi-Faith Climate Justice Vigil brought the clear message that no matter their religion or beliefs, they all believe in the preservation of the Earth.

“We want to be a visible presence,” says Michael Ryan, an Episcopal Priest from South Haven. “We want to come together and recognize our responsibility to care for the Earth.”

People of all faiths, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist just to name a few, stood together ahead of the Pope’s date with Congress on Thursday.

“Pope Frances is inviting the world, not just Roman Catholics, to embrace this vital and ultimate truth,” says Whayne Hougland, Jr, a Bishop from Kalamazoo.

Hougland says that truth is, it’s everyone’s duty to care of the planet.

“The care for our common home, concerns us all. All humanity,” says Hougland, Jr.

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