Pharmacies running low on flu shots

NOW: Pharmacies running low on flu shots

GRANGER, Ind. -- Flu season is here but getting your flu shot may not be as easy as you thought. 

Doctors and health professionals always recommend that you get your flu vaccine, however for those who are trying to do so this year--there have been a few bumps in the road. 

Two of ABC57's team members tried to get their vaccines Monday but had to go to two or three different locations before finding a pharmacy that was able to give them one. 

I dug deeper and called around to 10 local Walgreens pharmacies and found that on Tuesday, 7 of the 10 did not have any flu shots available--that means there were only 3 stores that carried the regular quadrivalent vaccine! Not even the higher dosage that is recommended for the young and those 65 and older.

This "shortage" is not a shortage at all--rather the manufacturing companies who send out the flu shots to the smaller stores and pharmacies are experiencing shipping delays that are keeping some of the stores without stock. 

However, many pharmacies from CVS, Walgreens, and Meijer said that calling ahead is your best bet and that they are all in the process of receiving more vaccines as soon as possible--as early as the end of this week or closer to November 1st. 

Immunization nurses from the Saint Joseph County Health Department however, want people to know that they have plenty of vaccines available!

They recommend calling ahead for an appointment to secure your spot, but they also have walk-ins available.

And for anyone still looking to get their shot:

-There are two kinds of dosages: the quadrivalent (contains 4 different flu strains) and a specific vaccine for those with weaker immune systems.

- Currently, the higher dosage vaccine is out almost all over the city, but if you call ahead the Health Department may be able to set one aside for you.

-Also, if you or a loved one has an egg allergy--be sure to voice this to your immunization provider to make sure that they receive a shot that was not cultured over eggs.

Health Care Professionals recommend that you get your flu shot before Halloween.

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