PHM offers new program to parents to track bus routes

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Parents of students in the Penn Harris Madison school district are now able to track their students' bus as it travels in real time.

“I think the biggest issue is, did we miss the bus?” PHM mom Carolyn Palonis said.

It's an issue Carolyn Palonis, her husband and her two sons have battled since they first enrolled in school.

“With the kids being scheduled, they have to be out and catch the bus. If they miss it, then one of us has to drive home and take them to school,” Palonis said.

But for the first time, this year is different.

“This year it’s great because I can see when the bus comes to our house, when it leaves our house and even when it comes to school,” Palonis said.

Penn Harris Madison's new GPS tracking system allows parents and students to track their bus and its arrival time by simply logging on to the computer.

“We wanted to be able to have children stand only for they needed at a bus stop, not to be out there for a longer, extended period of time, waiting for a bus,” PHM Associate Superintendent Denise Seger said.

With a fleet of 139 buses and more than 8,000 students to pick up and drop off, Seger says it seemed like a no-brainer to install the system.

“It was one, helping with safety, it also then could help address customer service issues,” Seger said.

Putting parents' minds at ease.

“It’s a huge stress reliever,” Palonis said.

Knowing her kids will never have to chase down that big, yellow bus again.

“Now I can come to work I can see within five minutes whether they are on the bus and then I can text them and say I see you’re on the bus, have a good day,” Palonis said.

Click here to register your student. PHM officials say all you need is an account number from the school and a student ID number.

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